Friday, 6 February 2009


........... complex speysider with a lot of spicy soft energy, and allegedly, in big demand by Blenders.
Rarely have I ever come across such an over-processed, disfigured Malt in all my life.
E150 perma-glow and savage chill-filtration have effectively neutered this whisky.
Any bottles with 1970-something will be expensive but fine, but after that, you take a chance.
...... an exercise in style over substance.

The owners of this whisky should hang their heads in shame!
Glenrothes 1989 64/100

Feb'10 - have recently tried 4 Glen Rothes at the Advanced Whisky Course and discovered 1994/12yo 87/100, 1991/14yo 87/100, 1987/15yo 89/100 and 1985/20yo 90/100 ... which shows a big improvement on past experiences with this Malt. ... good stuff !

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