Friday, 6 February 2009


..... big speysider with big heritage.
Never has a Malt stood so high up on it's plinth,
never has it looked more insecure !!!
anyway, many moons ago distilling was a fusion of civil disobedience and moonshine !, then this geezer got a licence to legally make the stuff and the stuff was amazing, then he made shits-loads a money and people hated him for being a 'scab' so he got two lovely pistols and shot a peat fire in an Inn and made more money 'cos his stuff was brilliant, then other Malts wanted to be his Malt and called their Malts "Theirs and his Malt"
and it still happens today with Indi bottlers 'cos pointless tradition helps sell stuff.
Modern Glenlivits are O.K. ranging from good to awful, and older Glenlivits, if you can find any are frequently stunning!
Glenlivit 15 y.o. (french oak) 77/100
Glenlivit 37 y.o. (Lonach) 95/100

Feb'10 have been told the Nadurra versions are good but still to try for myself, but in the meanwhile I have tasted the Standard 12yo 84/100

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