Thursday, 5 February 2009

DALMORE 87/100

........A big beefy highlander with a complex array of dried fruit, smoke-strands, marmalade, tobacco and old-man stuff !!!
Well regarded by Malt-buffs on its own, and by Blenders for their blends.
I really enjoy this old-fashioned, rich whisky, but it does come across as a bit 'engineered' and over diluted so to occasionally sample varied individual cask offerings are a special treat. A couple of Indi bottlers do respectable mid-aged bottlings.
On an interesting note, Dalmore appeared a few years ago as a 62 year old Malt with only 12 bottles obtained from several casks .........???
A man in England paid £34.000 at an auction for one bottle, ........... more money than sense if you ask me!
Dalmore 12 y.o. 89/100
Dalmore Cigar Malt 70/100

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