Thursday, 5 February 2009


........... a highland Queen, and a delightful white-washed wee distillery stranded on one of the most wind-swept heaths in Scotland,
and, ...Dalwhinnie is officially twinned with Las Vegas , Yee-har !!
This distillery produces a 'light' style of whisky, which like Braeval,
packs a big punch!
Only the 15 y.o. version is commonly available but it tells the story well of what a truly engaging character this Malt is.
Aromatic, heathery, honeyed and sustained elegance.
Forget the 'Double Matured' Edition which is a disappointment,
And look out for the occasional older bottlings, they're bruisers,
This whisky is part of the Diageo stable, therefore, could be even better
than it is if only the 'Branding' could step down a level.
Dalwhinnie 15 y.o. 88/100 (92/100 as a 'crafted' Malt)

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